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(Center dram rotary label printing machine)

This is the high speed rotary label printing machine admitted by oversea label converter. By a lot of options, we respond to customer`s various needs.

Printing typeLetterpress printing, Offset printing, Flexo varnish, Rotary silk screen

(Laminate tube printing machine)

This is the non-stop laminate tube printing machine equipped with the semi-auto splicer unwind device and turret rewind device.The newest printing machine for laminate tube sets a high value on the break reduction and high efficiency of production.

Printing typeLetterpress printing

(Cassette change model combination printing machine)

This is the newest combination label printing machine which adopts the shaft-less mechanism. You can set the various combination printing and processing by cassette model printing unit and movable processing device shortly.

Printing typeYou can install wet off set, letterpress printing, , rotary silk screen.

(rotary printing press)

(Flexo rotary printing press)

The flexo printing press which has more demand in Japan these days. TLF model is Flexo rotary press which our company gathers distinguished techniques and know-how. By using TLF UV ink and CTO, you can realize the high quality and superb productivity.

Printing typeFlexo printing

(Center dram model flexo rotary printing press)

By adopting Center dram model, this Center dram flexo printing press realize high quality completion. By changing the printing unit to sliding type, it can reduce the operator`s burden.

Printing typeFlexo printing

(Compact label printing press)

TLS is the compact printing press for space-saving of stack tyoe and can be installed with max 7 colors ( TLS-S : 4 colors ). Flexo varnish device and cold stamp and hot stamp and laminate device and sheet cut device and etc. can be installed.

Printing typeLetterpress printing and Flexo and Rotary silk screen can be installed.

Option List

We prepare options to expand the use and function.
It provide performance to make that easier and more functioning.