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Message from president

president Noboru Okakura

Taiyo Kikai LTD has developed a lot of printing presses with customers and established our brand as the maker of the business form printing press and the label printing press since we started business in 1961.
While the printing industry changes, we always have coped with special difficult needs aggressively and accepted the trust from customers.
We could gain the success thanks to the instruction and support from the customers and the business partners. We greatly thank you.
Our company established Shanghai Taiyo Kikai Ltd. in 1995 as the overseas position besides Yamagata plant which is main within Japan.
By the remarkable development of IT/digital technique, all information are transmitted instantly all over the world. But, while we keep the machine development idea which means the harmony between human and machine in mind, we make the products over thinking about the environment and safety. And, we aim to become the company which keeps trying to do the business regarding printing and information transmission and contribute to the international society.
We wish to aim to be the reliable business partner with customers toward epoch.

Our company policy

We manufacture attractive products and contribute to the industries by steady development.