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Taiyo Kikai Ltd.(Taiyo) locates the protect of personal data is the one of important activities fulfilling the social responsibility.

  1. Taiyo keeps the law regarding the protect of personal data and other rules.
  2. Taiyo makes sure the purpose of using the personal data on-the-job necessary range and collects and utilizes and supplies the data within the purpose of using the data.
  3. The personal data which Taiyo received will be utilized and supplied over the purpose of utilizing data when customers allow us to do that.
  4. Taiyo accurately manages the personal data which we collected and tries to protect the lost and destruction and manipulation and illegal access and disclosure of the data.
  5. Taiyo does not supply the illegal personal data to others without the aggregation data which we cannot specify the person by and the case we are asked to supply the data by law and so on.
  6. Taiyo will frequently review the personal data protection policy and reform that. The personal data protection policy reformed will be listed on our web site quickly.

October 31, 2013
Taiyo Kikai Ltd.
President Noboru Okakura