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Athena (Minerva) - She is one of twelve Olympians, a goddess, a god of war. When the hero Perseus defeated the monster Medusa, she gave him the knowledge. In the same time, the Breastplate ( the Shield in this picture ) was given by him. The owl is famous as the owl of Minerva.
Apollon (Appolo) - He is one of twelve Olympians, the son between the presiding god Zeus and the wife Hera. He is contrary to his strong sister Athena, mild, considerate, very gentle. He is regarded as the god of the god of sun, art, prophesy.

Olympians twelve gods

Greece Name Latin Name Information
Zeus Jupiter God of the nature sponsorship
Hera Juno Goddess of the marriage, the production
Poseidon Neptune Marine God
Ares Mars God of war
Apollon Apollo God of sun, art, prophesy
Hermes Mercury God of traffic, commerce
Greece Name Latin Name Information
Hephaestus Vulcan Fire God, God of metalworking
Athena Minerva God of knowledge, war
Aphrodite Venus Goddess of love, beauty
Artemis Diana Moon god, Goddess of stock farming and hunting
Hestia Vesta Furnace, domestic goddess
Demeter Ceres Goddess of Industry