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Stock form rotary printing press

Originally, WRF letterpress printing machine was developed for the stock forms and NIP production, and continuously WROF wet/dry offset printing press for higher productivity in the same purpose. Now, WROF is not only for the stock forms production, but also for high quality multi-streams process printing with 450 m/min. run and 381/2" width.


WROF Standard Specifications
Max. paper width :38-1/2"
Max printing width :37"
Unwind roll dia.:φ1500 mm (60")
Rewind roll dia. :φ1270 mm (50")
Offset printing circumference :Variable 20"〜25-1/2"
     or 20"〜30"
Process Unit
Cross perf. cyl. :30"〜36"
Folding Unit
Folding depth :8-1/2"〜12"
Sheet Cut Unit
Sheet cut depth : 20"〜30"
Max. Speed
450 m/min. (1500 fpm)


  • Imprinting/numbering cassette

  • Rewind unit φ1270 mm

  • Reinsertion unit

  • Sheet cut unit (WROF only)

  • Folder sinking table

  • Folder double speed conveyor

  • 2nd cross perforation st.

  • 1st and 2nd file hole punching st.

  • For other devices, please consult to Taiyo.