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Welfare program

Work and leisure make every possible effort. Full welfare

We introduce some activities for the employee's leisure practical use.
In the company, all of employees are in a get-together union. The union holds lot of activities independently from the firm. Like every year welcome bowling contest for new entry-levels, travels, graduation parties, that supplying the spaces for employees to socialize. There are softball, golf, photograph, fishing clubs in the unit.

The employees, their families, related companies are allowed to use the corporation owned resort facilities. And every 5 years the company organizes the trip abroad, We have been to Taiwan, Hawaii, Singapore, Hongkong, USA, Shanghai until now.

We plan to go substantial [ of one layer of nearby welfare program ] as much as possible from now on.

Unmarried dormitory
A dormitory for single employees is next to a corporate headquarter building. A free and homely atmosphere is popular.

Recreation institution

  • Membership hotel XIV Arima Rikyu

  • Membership hotel XIV Awaji-Shima

  • Membership Zao

Company trip

  • China Shang hai

  • Australia Sydney

  • USA West coast

Club activities

  • Softball club

  • Basketball club

  • Golf club

  • Travel club

  • Photography club